Venice Biennale

UHU! How many little rocks!
(Patanjali - se provi odio pensa all'amore)

uhu glue, Venice Biennale little rocks, wikipedia quotes.
Venice, 2013.

This work of art was installed after the conversation with two Japanese girls . The dialogue began with a
discussion about the Venice Biennale and the concept of art work : why create a work of art ? Why enter into a
place in search of a work of art?
The dialogue has emerged that the center of the work is "elsewhere" , but it is difficult to reach by conventional means .
So we thought it was right to reverse a conventional means of transport , and since we were in Venice,
we thought a boat. The sail of the boat has become the hull and vice versa.
The work has been installed for a few seconds while the line to enter the Nordic Pavilion . we work
added two critical texts : the first one like this , and on the birth of a work of art itself , and the second relates to
a critical reading of Veneiza Biennale curated by Massimiliano Gioni .
The artwork is really only existed for me and two Japanese ( and probably two or three other people near
us) , and will be accessible at all times through its documentation on the Whitehouse blog . And so this means of
unconventional transport will always be " imaginable ."  At this time in that place there is a vacuum, which is the vacuum before and after
each work. But it is also the " unsaid" that often surrounds the art works themselves .

Ship for two Japanese

dialogue with two japanese girls, two critical texts, sailing material.
Venice, 2013.